low commission


2% Listing Flat Fee.


RISE charges 2% total, which is 80% lower than traditional real estate commissions, with fewer average days on market. RISE is a full-service real estate brokerage that combines service and technology to sell homes faster and save homeowners thousands of dollars.

Does selling my home with RISE really save me money?

 Yes. On average, thanks to our 2% all-in fee, RISE Sellers have netted $25,000 more on their home sale than they would have if they paid traditional agent fees of 6%. Of course, the exact savings depends on the list price of the home. But in all cases, the RISE fee is 80% less than traditional agent commissions, which usually totals 5-6%. There are no other fees beyond the 2%.  

How do I list my home with RISE?

 Go to the RISE Home page and enter your address to get started. You can then request a complimentary independent valuation report or save your RISE home profile. A RISE Agent will follow up to answer any questions you have about listing your home with RISE. There is no obligation if you enter your address and if you are not interested, we won't continue following up like you may have experienced with traditional agents. Alternatively, you can always give us a call directly at (951) 444 - 1333.

Compared to industry average, how quickly do homes sell on RISE?

On average, RISE homes sell faster than similar homes in the same price range and area. This is a direct result of RISE’s proprietary procedures that target buyers directly rather than realtors. 

What if I want to sell a home that is currently being rented out?

Not a problem. We understand that selling a house when tenants are still living there can be tricky. The key is to stick with consistent and predictable days/times to show the house. This makes life easier for your renters and decreases friction between landlord and tenant. Your RISE Agent will help you work through all the details. 

How does RISE determine my home's listing price?

Your RISE Agent will come to your house and do a complete and thorough walk-through. Once we have a good understanding of your property's attributes, we will work with the RISE data science team to analyze comparable sales in combination with local market trends. The results of the analysis will be evaluated alongside your personal objectives for selling your home. Your agent will then provide you with a suggested pricing report for review and discussion.

relieved, property sold, packed boxes, closed escrow.

When does my home profile go up Internationally?

In short, whenever you're ready. Just complete the final review of your home profile, align on your selling strategy with your RISE agent, approve your professional home photos that we provide and sign your RISE listing agreement. That's it. Your home will then go live on 50 PLUS homebuyer websites. Simultaneously, we'll launch a campaign to drive targeted buyers to your home.

If RISE homes aren't on the MLS, how does RISE market my home to potential buyers?

Ninety percent of buyers begin their home search on the internet. So, we focus our efforts on the internet, not the MLS. Our secret weapon is the way we target homebuyers based on geography, income, life stage, and likelihood of interest. Your home will also appear on all the "go to" digital channels including, Zillow, Trulia, Google, Yahoo Homes, Bing and more. We also use traditional marketing methods, including local print ads, direct mail pieces, and open house promotions. The reality is that the MLS no longer serves a purpose other than to generate commissions for buy-side agents.    

RISE is a full service / low commission real estate brokerage that combines more service and technology to sell homes faster and save homeowners thousands of dollars.  

Will RISE host my open house?

Yes! Your RISE Agent will host open houses in time windows you provide. To attract buyers, RISE will promote your open houses through all the digital and physical marketing channels we use to market your home.

What if I get an offer I am not happy with?

We'll never pressure you to take an offer you're not happy with. Unlike traditional brokerages that are motivated by maximizing commission fees, our success is based on customer satisfaction. You are in control, and your RISE Agent is always there to advise you, but at no time will RISE pressure you to accept an offer.

What if I want to present a counter offer?

Your RISE Agent will work with you to determine if a counter offer makes sense and how best to present it. Our goal is to provide the expertise you need to make informed decisions.

Closing on my home

What happens when I enter Escrow with a RISE buyer? 

Who helps me?

You will work with the same RISE Agent from the moment you list your home to the close of escrow. During the escrow period, you will be contacted by a few more people as part of the process, including the escrow officer, but your RISE Agent will guide you and be there every step of the way.

What happens if a buyer's agent shows up? 

Can I still sell my house? Is it still a 2% fee?

Yes, you can still sell your house to someone who shows up with an agent. Your fee to RISE will be only the 2% included in your listing agreement. In this situation, RISE will ask the buyer to pay that agent's fee, which can often be financed as a part of the home purchase. And keep in mind, buyers' agents' commissions are always negotiable, not fixed (by law).

Does the 2% cover escrow and title fees as well?

No. Our 2% fee covers the sale of your home. However, there will always be other fees for closing such as escrow, title and so forth; agent fees (RISE or Traditional) do not cover closing costs like these.

What if RISE is not able to sell my home?

Our goal is to do right by every RISE customer and we will do everything we can to help you achieve your homebuying and/or selling goals. It is possible that your home, despite our best efforts, will not sell during the listing period. At that point, you may either extend the listing, and let us continue to market the home, or you can terminate the listing with RISE for no charge. RISE will never pressure you to go in a direction that you are not comfortable with.