Real Estate Counseling / 2% commission to list your home.

RISE HomeServices

Real Estate Counseling


Pay Less Commission

Save thousands in commissions when selling your home.  We focus on the things that really matter when selling a home. Being efficient allows us to charge you a lower commission without sacrificing any of the services needed to get your home SOLD!


You save 80% in listing commissions: At RISE we like to think we paved the way so sellers like yourself could keep more money in your pockets. We believe the practice of charging sellers tens of thousands of dollars to sell one home is an outdated trend.  So, for years we have embraced new technologies to become a more efficient and sensible Real Estate company.

Listing Benefits

FULL SERVICE:  We handle EVERYTHING needed to list and sell your home.

SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS: 2% vs. 5%-6% in commissions.

CANCEL LISTING ANYTIME:  If you are not satisfied with our service just cancel your listing!

Our Promise

NO RISK:  You DO NOT owe us a penny if your home does not sell.

NO UPFRONT COST:  You DO NOT pay us until your home is sold.

NO HIDDEN FEES:  There are NO additional fees for our service.

Real Estate News:

The real estate market is rapidly changing and “Discount Real Estate Brokers” are leading the way!

When planning to sell your home it may be worth your time to hire a discount real estate broker. In today discount real estate market you will find a “Discount Realtors ” can provide the same level of real estate services which include: full internet marketing, professional photos for free, contract negotiations, seller real estate disclosure compliance and so much more, all for a flat 2% listing fee!